HELP!! What do I plant?

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Olivia23-Jan-11 01:08 PM EST 2b   
Christine21-Feb-11 12:55 PM EST 2b   
Melanie Theriault19-Mar-11 07:12 PM EST 5a   

Subject: HELP!! What do I plant?
From: Olivia
Zone: 2b
Date: 23-Jan-11 01:08 PM EST

Hi, I am new to planting a flower bed and need help. My flower bed is about 12 feet long and 4 feet wide against a garage in a sunny area in zone 2b in Regina Sask. I would like a flower bed that has color, will attract hummingbirds and butterflies, that is managable and won't grow out of hand, that will regrow every year without having to remove them from the ground come winter, and that isn't overly big and bushy. I really have no idea what to plant and will take any bit of advice. Thank you.

Subject: RE: HELP!! What do I plant?
From: Christine (
Zone: 2b
Date: 21-Feb-11 12:55 PM EST

Hi Olivia.....I would start by choosing something like daylilies. I'm in saskatoon and they do really well. And they come in many colours. Some are reblooming too, to bloom throughout the summer. Veronica (or speedwell) is very attractive too. The bees and butterflies really like it. Hummingbirds love scarlett runner beans if you have a trellis. You just direct sow the seeds in the spring. There are lots and lots of options. Hit the library and get a bunch of gardening books to get familiar with the different flowers and what you like.

Subject: What ornamental tall grass can grow in full shade
From: Melanie Theriault
Zone: 5a
Date: 19-Mar-11 07:12 PM EST

Hi, I'm having difficulty finding an ornamental grass that's full shade,tall,mounding non-invasive. Do you know of any plants that would work in this environment?Can you grow from seed or what other method of planting is necessary? Thank you Melanie

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