Iris Blooming in September/October!

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John Perry20-Oct-10 08:22 PM EST 5b   
Suzanne20-Oct-10 09:21 PM EST 5b   
Art C. Drysdale13-Nov-10 09:37 PM EST 8   
Kate Brewitt23-Nov-10 05:41 AM EST 5a   

Subject: Iris Blooming in September/October!
From: John Perry
Zone: 5b
Date: 20-Oct-10 08:22 PM EST

I have a white Iris blooming in my customer's front yard... and it is now October 20th! Anybody else have, or seen, an Iris blooming in mid-fall??? Lemme know, thnx. John

Subject: RE: Iris Blooming in September/October!
From: Suzanne
Zone: 5b
Date: 20-Oct-10 09:21 PM EST

I have a bearded Iris "Lenora Pearl". It didn't bloom in the spring but is going strong now, and has been since the beginning of October. It's gorgeous

Subject: RE: Iris Blooming in September/October!
From: Art C. Drysdale
Zone: 8
Date: 13-Nov-10 09:37 PM EST

I've responded to this question in my blog article of November 14 right on this site.

Subject: RE: Iris Blooming in September/October!
From: Kate Brewitt
Zone: 5a
Date: 23-Nov-10 05:41 AM EST

If you are interested in more information on reblooming irises there is a Reblooming Iris Society, a section of the American Iris Society. Their web address is: They publish a beautiful colour bulletin twice a year where you can find our what other reblooming irises bloom in your area. I just enjoyed one bloom stalk in November on my dining room table! I'd brought it indoors to save it from the frost.

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