Lawn Care Help Required

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Ian01-Aug-10 01:56 PM EST 5b   
Art Drysdale13-Aug-10 04:52 PM EST 8b   
Roger23-Jun-12 07:02 PM EST 5a   
Art Drysdale10-Aug-12 05:51 PM EST 8   
Art Drysdale25-Aug-12 07:31 AM EST 5a   

Subject: Lawn Care Help Required
From: Ian
Zone: 5b
Date: 01-Aug-10 01:56 PM EST

My backyard lawn tends to be just a mass of weeds. We had a new lawn laid about two years ago and well, I'm not exactly the best at taking care of a lawn. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the weeds and grow a nice weedless lawn?

Any information that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


Subject: RE: Lawn Care Help Required
From: Art Drysdale
Zone: 8b
Date: 13-Aug-10 04:52 PM EST

I did respond to your question in my article on this site of August 8. Good Luck.

Subject: RE: Lawn Care Help Required
From: Roger
Zone: 5a
Date: 23-Jun-12 07:02 PM EST

My lawn which is open to full sunlight after greening up well each spring develops dead spots where the grass dies and usually only moss will grow. I have tried fertilizer,lime as well as reseeding over the past few years. Any ideas what may be wrong?

Subject: RE: Lawn Care Help Required
From: Art Drysdale
Zone: 8
Date: 10-Aug-12 05:51 PM EST

Hi Roger!

Sorry, I just noticed your question here today. I shall be pleased to try and answer your question(s) but certainly need much more, info, including some pix if possible.

Subject: RE: Lawn Care Help Required
From: Art Drysdale
Zone: 5a
Date: 25-Aug-12 07:31 AM EST

I have been away for awile Art. Tks for your reply. I did not take pictures this spring/early summer and it is now too late. i will pay closer attention and take pictures next year to see if I can get some advice on this matter. Thanks again

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