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Mold on soil?

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Dan26-Apr-10 09:05 PM EST 7b   
Connie27-Apr-10 03:43 PM EST 5   
Connie27-Apr-10 03:46 PM EST 5   
Peter Fuhrman28-Apr-10 05:43 PM EST 5a   
Deana06-Feb-11 12:10 AM EST 3   
Heidi06-Apr-13 10:44 PM EST 5b   
David03-Mar-15 06:41 AM EST   

Subject: Mold on soil?
From: Dan
Zone: 7b
Date: 26-Apr-10 09:05 PM EST

Growing indoor plants in transplant trays and I'm noticing mold growing on the top of the soil. This is also happening in the containers that contain my grapevines.

Anyway to kill this and prevent it from growing?


Subject: RE: Mold on soil?
From: Connie
Zone: 5
Date: 27-Apr-10 03:43 PM EST

It sounds like too much moisture. Lift the plastic domes to circulate the air daily. To cure black spot, mildew or brown patch, make an effective fungicide from 4 Tbsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. gentle soap and 1 gallon water. Use sparingly and keep it off the soil, since this blend can affect soil pH.

Subject: RE: Mold on soil?
From: Connie
Zone: 5
Date: 27-Apr-10 03:46 PM EST

Refer to eco friendly pest controls. One member sprinkles baking soda to prevent mildew.

Subject: RE: Mold on soil?
From: Peter Fuhrman
Zone: 5a
Date: 28-Apr-10 05:43 PM EST

Stop Mold from growing on your plants by spraying Colloidal Silver on the plants. It is completely safe and harmless to plants, animals,adults and children. Will not harm the environment.

Subject: RE: Mold on soil?
From: Deana
Zone: 3
Date: 06-Feb-11 12:10 AM EST

I would increase air circulation,and not keep it so moist.

Subject: RE: Mold on soil?
From: Heidi
Zone: 5b
Date: 06-Apr-13 10:44 PM EST

I seeded some organic broccoli successfully using toilet rolls the brown kind no the bleached white kind. I am not noticing white mold on the outsides of the toilet roll. I have the lid off now and wondered if I just spray the colidal silver on it will the mold go away and be safe to transplant into the garden? Thanks I love to recycle when I can and thought toilet rolls might work great.

Subject: RE: Mold on soil?
From: David
Date: 03-Mar-15 06:41 AM EST

As a mold inspection charlotte nc contractor, I recommend is that you gently remove all the soil from the plants root ball and repot in new, sterile soil. Water only when dry, add more light, keep good air circulation, and keep your houseplant neat .

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