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"Natural' Garden Stones

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Karl23-Apr-10 03:36 PM EST
Bea27-Apr-10 08:39 PM EST 3   

Subject: Natural "water carved" stones
From: Karl
Date: 23-Apr-10 03:36 PM EST

Hello! I live in New Brunswick Canada. I have been collecting Natural "water carved".. or as I like to call them "Eroded Stones" (also known as Suieseki" stones) for many years. This has been on our own property I might add.

After a couple of years of trying to convince others to help me display these on a grand scale(Including Govt Tourism). I have just about given up! Here in this province all of the feedback I have received from people seeing these stones has been either Luke warm to nill enthusiasm.

I would just like to get some more opinions from "Gardeners" like yourself. So...After viewing some of my stones, please tell me what you think of them as Potential "Garden Art" pieces. Any replies would be appreciated. It seems like my family and I, are the only ones that think these stones are fascinating.

You can view my “Eroded Stone” videos here on my You-Tube homepage.

Thank you for your time.


Subject: RE: eroded stones
From: Bea
Zone: 3
Date: 27-Apr-10 08:39 PM EST

I would love to find stones like that here on the prairie, but I think you have a unique source. They are beautiful.

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