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New, and any Good Balcony Plants

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Horsetuna20-Mar-10 10:18 AM EST 3b   

Subject: New, and any Good Balcony Plants
From: Horsetuna
Zone: 3b
Date: 20-Mar-10 10:18 AM EST

Hey, I'm new to the forum obviously and I had some questions for gardening.

ITs not something I've tried since a girl and it never succeeded ( I kept planting the seeds in March and April and was confused why they never grew. This was up near Edmonton!)

now I'm older and hopefully wiser, but still with questions!

I hope to grow mainly dye plants - plants which I could turn into natural plant dyes, a process that's fascinated me for ages. Growing my own would be cool.

I thought I could start with Hibiscus and Cornflower. Do these grow good in Calgary? I am in an apartment with a third floor south facing balcony that gets lots and lots and lots of direct sunlight.

Would roses work good in pots?

Also, do Cornflowers come from the same plant as corn you eat?

This is the start of my questions. No doubt I will have more!

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