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Lee Cheveron05-Feb-10 05:40 AM EST 9a   
Donna07-Feb-10 07:34 PM EST   
Fran06-Mar-10 04:36 PM EST   
Dale15-Mar-10 01:54 PM EST 8   
Dave01-Feb-11 02:23 PM EST   
Deana09-Feb-11 10:58 PM EST 3   
ALEIDA15-Mar-11 11:59 PM EST 3   
Andrew Kozlowski05-Apr-11 09:48 AM EST   
jinni06-Apr-11 01:09 PM EST 3   

Subject: New To This Forum
From: Lee Cheveron
Zone: 9a
Date: 05-Feb-10 05:40 AM EST

Hi all,

I am new to this forum.Actually I could not pick that this forum is related to which field. I mean I joined here because of its name. I am myself new to gardening so was searching help. I am asking about its field because i found some topics off gardening so just confirming therefor please do not mind.

Thank You

Subject: RE: New To This Forum
From: Donna
Date: 07-Feb-10 07:34 PM EST

Hi Lee, this area is general discussion but you can also add your garden questions here :)

Subject: RE: New To This Forum
From: Fran (
Date: 06-Mar-10 04:36 PM EST

Hi Lee- I'm Fran and I'm new to the forum as well (as of about a minute ago). I garden by trial and error and can get pretty frustrated at times!

Subject: RE: New To This Forum
From: Dale
Zone: 8
Date: 15-Mar-10 01:54 PM EST

Hi everyone,

I am new to this group as well. I wondered if anyone has any suggestions re veggie growing in mostly shade? I also have deer and rabbits to put up with. I would like to grow something other than ferns. Thanks so much for the help.

Subject: RE: New To This Forum
From: Dave (
Date: 01-Feb-11 02:23 PM EST

I am new to this site. Can anyone help me with my Glad bulbs? I put them away for winter in my basement in peat moss, as recommended and as I have done for the last 4 years. However, I find now that they are begining to grow. What should I do? cut them down? Leave them til spring and plant as is? Any help would be great.

Subject: RE: New To This Forum
From: Deana
Zone: 3
Date: 09-Feb-11 10:58 PM EST

Hi all...I'am also new to this forum. I live in central alberta where the last few years the springs have been so cool which makes gardening here a real challenge.

Subject: RE: New To This Forum
Zone: 3
Date: 15-Mar-11 11:59 PM EST

Hello I belong to our local garden club & I am looking for gardening videos to watch at our meetings. I keep hitting brick walls even with the library. Can anyone in Manitoba help?

Subject: RE: New To This Forum
From: Andrew Kozlowski
Date: 05-Apr-11 09:48 AM EST

Hi! Greetings to all of the gardeners here.

Subject: RE: New To This Forum
From: jinni (
Zone: 3
Date: 06-Apr-11 01:09 PM EST

Hello fellow gardeners. I was very pleased to come across this Canadian site!

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