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Erin Reed14-Jan-10 05:46 PM EST 3   
Maria14-Feb-10 09:52 AM EST 5   
Monica Dunn18-Feb-10 11:08 AM EST 3b   
Jacki23-Feb-10 05:39 PM EST 5a   
Erin23-Mar-10 06:46 PM EST 3   

Subject: comfrey
From: Erin Reed
Zone: 3
Date: 14-Jan-10 05:46 PM EST

Can anyone advise me on how to get rid of comfrey in my garden? It is completely invasive, rototilling makes it worse. I does not seem to be detered by Round Up, Grazon, or Tordon. I have burned it, pulled it, covered it for two years, and dug it up but I cannot get rid of it and it chokes out everything in my garden. Please, if you have a solution PLEEEEEASE share!!!

Subject: RE: comfrey
From: Maria
Zone: 5
Date: 14-Feb-10 09:52 AM EST

Morning, Erin; Re your Comfrey problem...have you ever tried solarizing it? I had a problem with poison ivy and covered it with clear plastic sheeting and in the heat of the summer it frazzled it, not completely or quickly but it did kill some of it...didn't want to use any chemicals/poisons on my garden. Learned that sometimes you just have to accept what can't be controlled. Limiting rather than eliminating. Hope it works for you. Have you tried any actual uses for comfrey since it is there anyhow...know what I mean? Regards.

Subject: RE: comfrey
From: Monica Dunn (
Zone: 3b
Date: 18-Feb-10 11:08 AM EST

Try acetic acid. AKA vinegar, look for vinegar that has 10% acetic acid. spray on but be careful, like roundup it kills everything. I use a pice of cardboard as a spray guard. I use vinegar as an organic weed control, best to reapply after a rain or in ten day intervals. Another method for a larger area is to cover with thick layers of uncolored newspaper. Alternatively, black plastic but loosely covered, only weight it down over the edges. Good luck!

Subject: RE: comfrey
From: Jacki
Zone: 5a
Date: 23-Feb-10 05:39 PM EST

When life gives you lemons (ahem, comfrey) make compost! Comfrey has many micronutrients that feed the beneficial microfauna in the compost pile. Chickens will kill for it too, and it's great for getting those bright orange egg yolks. I'm envious - wish I had a problem like too much comfrey...

Subject: RE: comfrey
From: Erin
Zone: 3
Date: 23-Mar-10 06:46 PM EST

Thanks for those great tips. The chickens and every other farm animal do love it but they can't come into the garden!I do harvest it and feed it to them. The problem is that it chokes out everything else. Lettuce doesn't have a chance! Solarizing, mulching with newspaper and black plastic does inhibit it, but the minute you remove it to plant seeds, CABOOM! Its back and its angry! LOL. I will try the vinegar though, that sounds promising.

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