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Spring bulbs flowering now

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Julie23-Oct-09 04:54 PM EST 7b   
29-Nov-09 10:16 AM EST   
jean03-Dec-09 11:00 AM EST 5b   

Subject: Spring bulbs flowering now
From: Julie
Zone: 7b
Date: 23-Oct-09 04:54 PM EST

I have spring crocus that are blooming now and leaves of muscari (grape hyancinths) six inches high!

Does anyone know if they will bloom again in the spring? Should I cut down the leaves of the muscari? I'm afraid they won't bloom properly in the spring.

Subject: RE: Spring bulbs flowering now
Date: 29-Nov-09 10:16 AM EST

Dont cut them down.

My Muscari always puts up new leaf growth in the fall.

Subject: RE: Spring bulbs flowering now
From: jean
Zone: 5b
Date: 03-Dec-09 11:00 AM EST

Years ago I read about using Muscari's fall growth to indicate where tulips (or other bulbs) are planted. When planting any other bulbs, simply plant a few muscari above them. However, muscari multiply quickly, squirrels and chipmunks move them around and in a few years, muscari have filled my flower beds and hugely outnumber anything planted under them!

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