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Overwintering Dahilas

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Michelle14-Sep-09 02:50 AM EST 5a   
Shaewn04-Dec-09 08:26 PM EST   
melanie marjoram14-Dec-09 12:07 PM EST 5   
Diane Wells02-May-10 08:05 PM EST 3   

Subject: Overwintering Dahilas
From: Michelle
Zone: 5a
Date: 14-Sep-09 02:50 AM EST

Anyone have any sure-fire tips for overwintering dahlias, sometimes i have success and sometimes i don't, i have a real beauty this year that i really dont want to lose.. any tips would be appreciated, thankyou

Subject: RE: Overwintering Dahilas
From: Shaewn
Date: 04-Dec-09 08:26 PM EST

If you have a cool, dark place to store the tubers, you already have a head start on storing dahlias. I keep mine in old pantyhose in wood shavings and the tubers are kept dry until growth "nubs" start showing green. It is at this point that I start to mist on a bi-weekly basis until they can be potted and started early for larger summer growth

Subject: RE: Overwintering Dahilas
From: melanie marjoram (marjoram@highspeedfx.net)
Zone: 5
Date: 14-Dec-09 12:07 PM EST

I have been growing dahlias for close to 25 years and have tried many ways to overwinter bulbs. Some techniques were much too time consuming and yielded no better results than the method I use now. After digging out the tubers I remove most of the soil andlet them air dry for a few days if the soil they were in was saturated. I then just place them in plastic baskets bought at the dollar store. I have a basket for each variety so that they don't get mixed up. All the baskets are then placed in large Rubbermaid containers and placed into our cold room until spring. I used to plant the tubers up in early March for a jump on growth but found it made little difference and there became too many pots for my space under the plant stand. If you do not have a cold room, keep them in the coolest part of your basement in the dark. Check periodically to see if they are getting too dry and if so, spritz them with water. Likewise, if they were put into the baskets too wet, they may show signs of rot. You will then lose those tubers and you may need to increase the air circulation around the tubers by removing the baskets from the Rubbermaid container. I hope this helps you for next year.

Subject: RE: Making a Rockgarden
From: Diane Wells
Zone: 3
Date: 02-May-10 08:05 PM EST

I have very sandy soil and I would like to put black dirt with peatmoss in it.Would it be better to first dig out the sand, maybe a foot down before adding the black dirt and peatmoss,

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