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Sweet Williams won't flower again!

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Tammy26-Jul-09 07:00 PM EST 3   
Sarah08-Aug-09 08:30 AM EST   

Subject: Sweet Williams won't flower again!
From: Tammy
Zone: 3
Date: 26-Jul-09 07:00 PM EST

I have some Sweet William plants that are spreading like crazy but are not flowering again this year. They flowered the first year but didn't last year or this year. Does anyone have any suggestions???

Subject: RE: Sweet Williams won't flower again!
From: Sarah
Date: 08-Aug-09 08:30 AM EST

Sweet William are biennial...If you grow from seed, they'll form rosettes the first year, but no flowers...they'll bloom the second year, and (if allowed) go to seed and create more rosettes the next year...and then flower the following again. I don't know why they would not have flowered the third year you had them.. plants are funny..sometimes they decide they need extra time to store food and don't like to run on proper human schedules! :)

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