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Ants in the garden

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Michelle05-Jul-09 10:54 PM EST 6b   
Clare15-Jul-09 07:55 PM EST   
Linda02-Aug-09 09:20 AM EST 4b   
Eileen fr Saskatoon10-Aug-09 02:21 PM EST 2b   

Subject: Ants in the garden
From: Michelle
Zone: 6b
Date: 05-Jul-09 10:54 PM EST

We seem to have lots of little black ants in our front garden. they're actually in plants, etc. We're preparing the soil to plant some new plants. What can we do about this? Thanks

Subject: RE: Ants in the garden
From: Clare
Date: 15-Jul-09 07:55 PM EST

I have the same problem, Michelle - a big anthill in my front garden so I'm watching this topic. Hopefully someone answers soon!

Subject: RE: Ants in the garden
From: Linda
Zone: 4b
Date: 02-Aug-09 09:20 AM EST

Hi, there,,new to this forum, but, also had a huge problem with ants, and tried many, many remedies, before trying the baking soda/sugar treatment.

I use a margarine container, and poke holes, with a nut pick, all along the bottom sides of the container. I put equal parts of baking soda and white sugar and put the lid on it, and tuck it into the site, making sure the holes are at ground level, where they can just crawl in and out. Not sure how, but, it definitely works. Had one flowerbed where it was almost impossible to work, because there were just so many ants. Haven't done the treatment yet this year, but, while working in that bed yesterday, it was obvious that last year's treatment was still effective.

Subject: RE: Ants in the garden
From: Eileen fr Saskatoon
Zone: 2b
Date: 10-Aug-09 02:21 PM EST

I have a kazillion peonies and rugs everywhere in my back yard, so if you would like to talk ants... I have ants! The answer to ants is Tansy! If my yard pets, (ants), get out of control and start to want to move in with me, I pot some Tansy and move beside the back door. Or if some have moved in, I strip the foliage off the Tansy, allow it to dry in the sun, crumble it and spread it as a barrier along the base of the cupboards, along the edge of the back door, (inside and out), for a few days. Voila! No chemicals! No traps! No real fuss! No ants!!!

I also treat the rugs twice a year and the ants stay where their suppose to, on and around the peonies.

Try treating the edge of the ant hill and area between the house with Tansy to get the ants to move away from your home to a different location.

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