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Constance Spry rose

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Susan17-Jun-09 05:05 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Constance Spry rose
From: Susan
Zone: 5a
Date: 17-Jun-09 05:05 PM EST

I have a Constance Spry rose. It is probably about 10 years old (I got it from Cruickshanks, so that's some indication). It is a huge and beautiful shrub, but in all these years it has bloomed only once (2 flowers, about 5 years ago. I read that it blooms on old wood and that perhaps Montreal was too cold for the old wood to survive. The winter before last, we had much more snow than usual and the shub was completely covered. There was no dieback and I hoped for blooms, but, nothing. Last summer, two very long rambler-like canes appeared just at the base of Constance. They are now about 10 feet long and are covered with blooms - but not Constance blooms - they are tiny, single white roses (very nice). What is going on? Is Connie reverting to her roots? Any advice, info, appreciated.

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