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Wine barrel "treatment"

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Karen03-Apr-09 10:37 PM EST 6b   
Sherwood Botsford13-Apr-09 07:45 PM EST 3b   

Subject: Wine barrel
From: Karen
Zone: 6b
Date: 03-Apr-09 10:37 PM EST

I'm container gardening this year, in wine barrels (halved). I am wondering if I need to "treat" the wood with anything so that it doesn't degrade as fast. Is there a food-safe product I can use? Or am I just going to have to leave it & make sure they're in dry storage come winter?

Subject: RE: Wine barrel
From: Sherwood Botsford (SGBotsford@gmail.com)
Zone: 3b
Date: 13-Apr-09 07:45 PM EST

Unless you are thinking in terms of millennial time spans, don't worry about it. Barrels are typically made of white oak, and, while not impervious to decay, will seem that way.

I have a half barrel that I plant with sweet peas and nasturtiums that shows no sign of quitting after 15 years.

DO however, turn it open end down, and using a block of wood and a hammer, pound the rings down. Then put a screw into the wood to keep them from back sliding. (3 screws per hoop.)

Mounting them on bricks or a patio stone will slow down rot where they contact the ground.

I put 3" of gravel in the bottom of mine for drainage.

Failing this, you can also get food grade plastic barrels. Dark blue is the most resistant to sunlight.

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