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old daffodils left on my doorstep

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Greg Hunt27-Mar-09 10:14 PM EST 7   
Sherwood Botsford13-Apr-09 08:07 PM EST   

Subject: old daffodils left on my doorstep
From: Greg Hunt (
Zone: 7
Date: 27-Mar-09 10:14 PM EST

Last week I was invited to "come get" an old colony of daffodils from a hundred plus year old house that is due to be bulldozed this summer. These flowered in the spring recently producing large carnation like flowers whose petals were striped in green. Yellow was the predominate color and the petals spiraled in many directions. It was interested. Thinking to wait until fall to retrieve some of these bulbs, I found instead that I had just two weeks before they were destroyed. I then dug up in soil balls a few of the plants and planted them in my garden. This week, I found a few hundred more on my doorstep bare root but fresh. I was told that all of the other are now gone under the blade. I placed these in water over night and set out to get them in soil.. The bulbs are very small and onion like. Does any one know information that will help these guys to live out the summer and hopeful return next year? I found them beautiful and strange,and would hate to see them absent from my area. I have looked and not found them on the next or else where in my area... Help! Respectfully Yours, Greg Hunt

Subject: RE: old daffodils left on my doorstep
From: Sherwood Botsford (
Date: 13-Apr-09 08:07 PM EST

If you have too many, pack them in moist peat moss and ship to me... (grin.)

Plant 4" down, pointy end up. Ignore. The littlest ones won't bloom for a couple years. Be patient.

-- Sherwood Botsford Sherwood's Forests Warburg, Alberta T0C 2T0 780-848-2548

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