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How agressive is Silver Lace Vine ?

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Kathleen 17-Mar-09 08:59 PM EST 5b   

Subject: How agressive is Silver Lace Vine ?
From: Kathleen
Zone: 5b
Date: 17-Mar-09 08:59 PM EST

Hello all,

I live in an old red brick house, 3 stories tall. I want to plant a vine which will grow very tall very quickly and was thinking of planting a Silver Lace Vine.

I live in zone 5B and the wall faces north, maybe 20 feet wide, the soil is on the damp side.

I have a couple of concerns though ......

How agressive is it really ? Is it going to take over the house ? Will it be really difficult to get rid of if I don't like it ?

Secondly, what is the impact of the vine (or any vine) on brickwork?

If anyone can think of a fast growing tall vine, please suggest it ! Thanks in advance for the advice


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