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Spider Mites by Rose-Buddy

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Jack 05-Mar-09 10:45 AM EST 8   
Myrna23-Mar-09 12:31 AM EST 3b   
Myrna23-Mar-09 12:34 AM EST   
Wendy27-Apr-09 10:42 PM EST 3a   
Christina09-May-09 10:25 PM EST   

Subject: Surviving Spider Mites by Rose-Buddy
From: Jack (jack@rose-buddy.com)
Zone: 8
Date: 05-Mar-09 10:45 AM EST

The Mites had taken over my rose bushes. The leaves were changing color from Green to Yellow with Red splotches. I turned over one of the leaves and with my reading glasses on, I could see the mites. I didn't do anything to try and stop them as I read it was futile. About 60 days ago I poured 8oz of rose-buddy http://www.rose-buddy.com on each plant and last week I noticed buds shooting out from the branches. It's too early to say what the out come will be. But the prognosis looks good.Any comments from people with spider mite problems would be appreciated -Jack

Subject: RE: Spider Mites by Rose-Buddy
From: Myrna
Zone: 3b
Date: 23-Mar-09 12:31 AM EST

Spider mites are hard to get rid of but you can keep them under control, reduce their numbers and save your plants because they will suck the life out of it. They like things hot and dry and hate wet and cold and hatch out every 3 to 5 days. If you spray the plant with the hose every day early morning and early evening getting the undersides of the leaves, that will get rid of some and you might also try insecticidal soap. Between both methods you will get rid of most of them and then every time you water spray the entire plant

Subject: RE: Spider Mites by Rose-Buddy
From: Myrna
Date: 23-Mar-09 12:34 AM EST

Spray with the hose for a couple of weeks--I left out that part

Subject: RE: Spider Mites by Rose-Buddy
From: Wendy
Zone: 3a
Date: 27-Apr-09 10:42 PM EST

Myrna, I have heard mixed messages when it comes to spraying roses with a hose. Some say roses do not like water on their leaves and should be watered at root level. What do you think?

Subject: RE: Spider Mites by Rose-Buddy
From: Christina
Date: 09-May-09 10:25 PM EST

Pelletized (pastille) or human grade sulfur or powder them with diatomaceous earth 2x per week for four weeks...Cut off all badly tangled and webbed growth

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