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betty diet25-Jan-09 03:27 PM EST 4   

Subject: new flowerbed
From: betty diet
Zone: 4
Date: 25-Jan-09 03:27 PM EST

Hallo, i have a new flowerbed 2m with and 6m long. The short sides facing east and west and the long side south and north. In the middle i have already an Diabolo Ninebark. What i was planing to do was this. Each Corner of south side a Pegee hydrange. Between them and behind diabolo ninebark a row of canna lilys. Corner of north side each a blue hosta. Between the hostas and in front of diabolo ninebark planting stella d oro daylily. Beside the diabolo ninebark each a mock orange shrub. What are you thinking of this? Or does someone has another suggestion. Thanks already for your response. Betty

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