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Canucklhead11-Dec-08 03:33 AM EST

Subject: Aerogarden Help
From: Canucklhead
Date: 11-Dec-08 03:33 AM EST

Hi Complete newbie, long story, I'll keep it short. Wanted to find an indoor hydroponic Aerogarden as an Xmas gift. Sold out everywhere in Toronto. Finally found one at store in bankruptcy. 40% off. Buy one in box (last one) for gift, and impulsively buy display model. Kindly, the cashier warns me that all sales are final and that I should check that everything works at a table with power. I plug in the demo and the light works, so I think it is OK. Once I get home I realise that the demo model lacks a pump, which the boxed model contains. In short, the gift is fine, but the demo is lacking a pump. I will send the gift, but what to do with the demo? Should I try to grow something hydroponically w/out a pump? Should I try and replace the pump? Should I try and grow something in dirt /with the light? Should I throw the whole unit in the garbage and kiss my $60 goodbye?

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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