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Foxtail Fern

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Gudseeds.com17-Nov-08 08:15 PM EST 3b   
Dorothy28-Apr-09 02:04 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Foxtail Fern
From: Gudseeds.com (jer.sieg@shaw.ca)
Zone: 3b
Date: 17-Nov-08 08:15 PM EST

I brought in my Foxtail Fern as Winter approached.. and now it is turning Yellow.. and the Needles, or whatever you call them are falling off, leaving Long Stems of Nothing! Is it 'too dry in the house or not enough Sun where I have it? I give it a splash of water every once in a while.. but does not seem to help! It is about 2' Tall in a 10 Gallon Pot.. More Water, More Light..?

Subject: RE: Foxtail Fern
From: Dorothy (queeenbee99@yahoo.com)
Zone: 5a
Date: 28-Apr-09 02:04 PM EST

I had a huge plant, and it was in the north window of my home. I only watered it one a week, but a good drink, Mine was about 4ft across and it was just taking over. You may need to repot, as the it grows bulbous type roots and that tends to use up all the space and so there is less room for soil. I loved mine but it did shed quite a bit, finally It just got too big to move. I never sprayed mine as I have hardwood floors but did trim out dead bits right to the soil line to keep it looking tidy. It is worth fussing over for it looks spectacular when it is big and full.

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