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Non Blooming Honeysuckle Shrub

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Bud Stewart27-Oct-08 04:22 PM EST 6a   
Chris Biesheuvel10-Nov-08 07:12 PM EST 3a   
bud110-Dec-08 08:22 PM EST 5a   
14-Dec-08 08:48 PM EST   
06-Jan-09 09:42 PM EST   

Subject: Non Blooming Honeysuckle Shrub
From: Bud Stewart
Zone: 6a
Date: 27-Oct-08 04:22 PM EST

I have a very healthy looking 4 year old honeysuckle shrub, that is about 4'tall and 3'wide, which has never bloomed in that time. I have never trimmed it back either. I must admit I have never fertilized it either. Any comments as to what may be the problem, and what may be the solution to get blooming. If or when I get blooming, when would be the time to trim to keep it in check. Thank-you.

Subject: RE: Non Blooming Honeysuckle Shrub
From: Chris Biesheuvel (
Zone: 3a
Date: 10-Nov-08 07:12 PM EST

Try root prunning, this will be a good stimulans for blooming. Good luck.

Subject: RE: Non Blooming Honeysuckle Shrub
From: bud1
Zone: 5a
Date: 10-Dec-08 08:22 PM EST

Chris.Could you please expand in detail what you mean by root prunning, as I have never heard of this terminalogy. Thank-you

Subject: RE: Non Blooming Honeysuckle Shrub
From: (
Date: 14-Dec-08 08:48 PM EST

Bud, Indeed rootpruning is not well known, but in cases like your honey suckle it is the best you can do. With root pruning you are severing the roots of your shrub to reduce its vigor and to encourage blooming( fruiting) It helps you to controle the size of your shrub. you can do this with a large,sharp long bladed spade and cut 1/3 of the side roots. It is heavy work but the awesome results pay off all the extra work. Good luck. Chris.

Subject: RE: Non Blooming Honeysuckle Shrub
From: (
Date: 06-Jan-09 09:42 PM EST

Adding compost and or manure will also help as they could stand some encouragement.Apply in early spring.

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