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24-Oct-08 11:59 AM EST 6b   
Jack30-Oct-08 10:50 PM EST 8a   

Subject: New Rose
Zone: 6b
Date: 24-Oct-08 11:59 AM EST

I planted a new shrub rose this summer called Macy's Pride .(Rosa Balcream) It is still in bloom after two killing frosts and low night-time temperatures in the single digits. It is probably the most prolific rose in my garden with approx. 30 buds and newly opening flowers even today. The scent is very strong and definately "old rose" type. The buds start out deep pink turning cream and the flowers eventually turn a soft creamy yellow. Very, very attractive. It is already 40" tall with long straight stems with very few thorns . I have not purchased from this producer before (Easy Elegance - Garden Art series) and I'm wondering whether I should mulch heavily this first winter ....probably good garden practice anyway- but has anyone else tried this rose ?

Subject: RE: New Rose
From: Jack (jack@rose-buddy.com)
Zone: 8a
Date: 30-Oct-08 10:50 PM EST

I am so jealous that rose bush sounds beautiful. Mulching is great even just to keep the roots warm.

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