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Fusarium Wilt

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ODella17-Sep-08 05:02 PM EST 8b   
Shawn28-Sep-08 08:56 PM EST   
ODella30-Sep-08 04:00 PM EST   

Subject: Fusarium Wilt
From: ODella
Zone: 8b
Date: 17-Sep-08 05:02 PM EST

I have newly established ( 1 and 2 years old)elevated vegetable beds. They range in height of 27"-around 36". "Topsoil" was delivered to fill the bins. I have added compost and potting soil twice. All the pea and green bean seeds planted did not germinate well and did not produce. Cucumbers did well, tomatoes did fine for a while but developed some sort of disease, maybe fusarium wilt,that made their leaves curled and stunted,low yields and gnarly shaped fruits. Lots of problems with blossom end rot, despite the fact that I added bone meal to soil when each plant was planted and again about 6 weeks later. My squash plants did real well until they had been producing fruit for a while and then they started to die from the bottom up rapidly. When I pulled up the plants there were holes about 2"-3" up the stems where small worm like bugs had chewed into the stems. I have planted butternut squash in the same area and right after the squash started to form they would turn brown and fall off, the leaves get yellow spots, dry up and fall off. I do not understand why some plants have done so well, all peppers are huge with tons of fruit, lima beans were okay and carrots were good. Any ideas/advice from anyone??

Subject: RE: Fusarium Wilt
From: Shawn
Date: 28-Sep-08 08:56 PM EST

If you've had an excessive amount of rain this year, that is the reason for most of the maladies of your vegetable garden. Talking to many gardeners across North America, we have all encountered the same thing. Most started a second crop this year of beans, squash, melons and lettuce. Tomatoes , peppers and carrots did well. All we could come up with is the darker rain days this summer (over 50% more rain than in previous years)

Subject: RE: Fusarium Wilt
From: ODella
Date: 30-Sep-08 04:00 PM EST

We didn't have a lot of rain. I think we are down like 10 inches or more from last year. The second planting of green beans did poorly. About 50% germination and when I replanted again in the areas that did not germinate I still got nothing. I have tested this soil and found that it's a little on the acidic side and is depleted in potash (which I have added). Seeds that do germinate seem to want to rot off at the ground or die from the bottom up. Everything starts out so well and then just wilts, turns yellow or looses its leaves and then dies a slow death. Could there be something in this topsoil that we purchased that is killing off the plants i.e.- chemical run-off, kerosene, etc. I have put a lot of work into the garden this year and it would have been nice to have been able to can more or at least serve 1 meal of green beans to my family.

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