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Donna West07-Sep-08 07:09 AM EST 5b   
Shawn08-Sep-08 07:54 PM EST   

Subject: Clivia
From: Donna West
Zone: 5b
Date: 07-Sep-08 07:09 AM EST

I have been given a piece of a very mature Clivia plant.I don,t know how to look after it and keep it blooming .Please help.Thanks

Subject: RE: Clivia
From: Shawn
Date: 08-Sep-08 07:54 PM EST

Your Clivia miniata blooms from spring to summer (occasionally winter) Grow in a good soil based potting soil with the addition of leaf mold and grit (canary gravel works fine). They like bright filtered or indirect light. Water weekly and fertilize during growing season, but.taper off watering as much during the winter months. Let it dry out between waterings. Clivias resent root disturbance and tend to flower best when slightly rootbound. Hope this helps

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