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Roses at Veseys

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Jessi04-Sep-08 11:51 AM EST 5a   
Donna04-Sep-08 09:37 PM EST 5b   
Claire05-Sep-08 01:52 AM EST   
Shawn07-Sep-08 09:46 PM EST   
Whitely08-Sep-08 08:52 AM EST   

Subject: Roses at Veseys
From: Jessi
Zone: 5a
Date: 04-Sep-08 11:51 AM EST

Hi, I've been looking online to find some roses on the Veseys catalogue but I can't find any. I bought all my hybrid teas there last year - have they stopped selling roses? If so, can anyone recommend another company that sells roses?


Subject: RE: Roses at Veseys
From: Donna
Zone: 5b
Date: 04-Sep-08 09:37 PM EST

I bought 8 Floribundas from Pickering nursery and am very pleased with them.You can find them on line and also they will send you a catalogue.Hope this helps,Donna

Subject: RE: Roses at Veseys
From: Claire (
Date: 05-Sep-08 01:52 AM EST

I have a spring 2008 Veseys catalogue (the cover shows the new Coconut Lime echinacea - it's gorgeous too) in front of me and it shows roses - I don't see any tea roses but there are climbers/rugosa/explorers/ Brownell and Parkland roses and on page 57 a beeeeuuuutiful climber called Joseph's Coat and for good reason.....geez I wish I had more sun !!! a little extra yard would be good too....

Subject: RE: Roses at Veseys
From: Shawn
Date: 07-Sep-08 09:46 PM EST

Vesey's and most nurseries that sell a vast array of plants usually only sell roses in the spring when they are fully stocked. Pickering (a rose nursery only) sells both spring and fall

Subject: RE: Roses
From: Whitely
Date: 08-Sep-08 08:52 AM EST

I got my roses from this place last month and they are great. If you're looking for a good flower shop Toronto I'd highly recommend them.

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