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"pain in the neck" PURSLANE

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Dale30-Aug-08 05:31 PM EST 10   

From: Dale (father_dale@yahoo.com)
Zone: 10
Date: 30-Aug-08 05:31 PM EST

Well, living in San Diego we have lots of wonderful vegetation, some we want and some we do not. It appears that purslane has adopted me and I cannot get rid of it. I used round up to no avail, I used a pre-emergent to no avail, I have broken my back stoopign over to pull it. now I have nothing but dirt yet find it popping up. I think I have it under control in the front and now the back yard is over-grown with it. Maybe instead of killing it, I should harvest it and peddle it to the restaurants. I mean it does taste good in a salad but... I want grass not purslane. Help me get rid of it PLEASE. I am going broke dumping this purslane, heck a divorce would have been cheaper even with alimony thrown in, but I want to keep her not the purslane. Thank you

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