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sue20-Aug-08 07:09 PM EST 5a   
Barbarapc21-Aug-08 03:24 PM EST 5b   
Shawn21-Aug-08 10:00 PM EST   
25-Aug-08 09:58 AM EST   
Barb05-Dec-10 11:06 PM EST 6b   
sharon03-May-11 03:26 AM EST 4   
06-May-11 10:45 PM EST   
Unique Lawn Garden Statues05-Nov-11 09:47 PM EST 4a   

Subject: general discussion
From: sue
Zone: 5a
Date: 20-Aug-08 07:09 PM EST

has anyone ever tried taking wave petunias indoor over winter and then starting transplants in spring? also have a new rose tree - can you wrap and winterize like rose plants in ottawa area rather than digging up and taking indoors? thanks

Subject: RE: general discussion
From: Barbarapc
Zone: 5b
Date: 21-Aug-08 03:24 PM EST

Hi Sue, have certainly taken cuttings from other petunias with great success, but never Wave - don't see why it wouldn't work? As far as the rose goes - I'd dig a trench, put the rose on its side - and then cover its trunk and the rose top with soil to winter it. We did this for 4 years for my grandmother - digging it out every year and planting it back up in a pot for her to enjoy on her 17th floor balcony in Toronto. Took a bit of time and trouble - but she really enjoyed having her roses. www.learningtogardenwithbarbara.com

Subject: RE: general discussion
From: Shawn
Date: 21-Aug-08 10:00 PM EST

I carry them through the winter as mother plants to take cuttings from, and they bloom all year, but need to be cut down to about 6" from the soil line to encourage bushier growth

Subject: RE: general discussion
Date: 25-Aug-08 09:58 AM EST

thanks for the info ... i am going to try bringing them in this winter and see what happens - it would be nice to have blooms in the winter

Subject: RE: general discussion
From: Barb
Zone: 6b
Date: 05-Dec-10 11:06 PM EST

Tried to grow some beautiful double petunias from seed but wasn't very successful. I only got about 6 plants to start and since our summer was hot and dry, several of them died. So, there were only three plants to take indoors to save and try to get some cuttings from. Will let you know in a couple weeks how they are doing. But I have 6 geraniums that have taken root and will repot soon. We have a great southern exposure I can overwinter plants in. I just keep them watered and fertilized and they go crazy!

Subject: RE: general discussion
From: sharon
Zone: 4
Date: 03-May-11 03:26 AM EST

If I buy a clematis from green house already started when can I plant it?? Can I plant it now?(May)thanks sharon

Subject: RE: general discussion
Date: 06-May-11 10:45 PM EST

Subject: RE: general discussion
From: Unique Lawn Garden Statues (divebeare@hotmail.com)
Zone: 4a
Date: 05-Nov-11 09:47 PM EST

Check out neat statues made in Nova Scotia for gardens, gargoyles dragons, large and small all made for out side use, great detail, they even have dog breed patio stones, some thing for all http://uniquelawngardenstatues.bravesites.com

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