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Green potato

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Hellen Howell18-Aug-08 08:02 PM EST 5a   
06-Jan-09 09:54 PM EST   
Dio23-Mar-15 05:39 PM EST   

Subject: Green potato
From: Hellen Howell (
Zone: 5a
Date: 18-Aug-08 08:02 PM EST

I have an issue where some of my garden potatoes didn't get hilled properly, and now I'm dealing with a number of potatoes near the surface that are greenish.

Has anyone ever tried or heard about trying to reverse the greening of potatoes by covering them up with dirt, after the plant has withered and is ready for harvest?

Thanks for your help

Subject: RE: Green potato
From: (
Date: 06-Jan-09 09:54 PM EST

GREEN POTATOES will not change colour if covered.Just cut the skin off and enjoy them any way you like.The spuds need to be planted deeper or hilled up more next season.Try covering them with straw when you hill them.

Subject: RE: Green potato
From: Dio
Date: 23-Mar-15 05:39 PM EST

I apologize for bring up an old post.

Hey Ikya2, it's Dio. I knew you were into gardening, and I'm hoping that you still frequent this place. Send me a email if you ever see this.

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