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Kathy21-Jul-08 08:22 AM EST 5b   

Subject: New to Gardening
From: Kathy
Zone: 5b
Date: 21-Jul-08 08:22 AM EST

Hi we decided to just throw in a few things to see what happened. SO now everythign is growing like crazy and I have no clue what to do with these things. I have tomatoes they seem to be doing fine but crowed. I have some kind of yellow pepper that my neighbor gave me I picked a few well I cut them off cause they were huge. I have a cucumber which has decided to grow over one of the pepper plants. The rosemary looks good huge but good. I got a variety lettuce type thing one got wiped out by heavy downpours but its still trying to grow the other ones are good i think. My thing is picking and thinning. I think I need to move the one pepper since the cucumber has grown right over it. is it ok to move them? They have been in the ground about a month and a half and have produced already. And the cucumber, I have one cuc about 5 inches that seems to be fine but the lil baby cuc's look yellow and almost dead am I just being to impatient? Oh and the pumpkin we love it cause its huge...... 5 ft so far but doesnt seem to be producing I have tons of flowers but I dont think the bees are doing their jobs so I tried the q tip thing for pollinating but I am not truely sure if I have any female flowers and Id love to let my neice be able to pick her own pumpkin instead of buying one and putting it there for her to find. my strawberries also seem to be getting over run by the cucumber too I think most of the produce i get this summer will be bought at the grocery store and placed under the plants to keep the kids interested in the process for next summer when I actually have a garden plan

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