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Sheet Moss

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Subject: Sheet Moss
Zone: 5
Date: 03-Jul-08 01:33 PM EST

We are looking for larger quanities of moss and have had no success finding suppliers in Ottawa. Anyone have any idea if there are moss nurseries in or close to our area? Looking for any place that sells either sheet moss (similar to the sheets of sod you can buy) or where they sell a larger variety and quantity of moss than regular plant nurseries?

Any information appreciated.

Thank you

Subject: RE: Sheet Moss
From: Colleen
Zone: 5
Date: 04-Jul-08 11:27 AM EST

I live in Perth, just 45 minutes West from Scotia Bank place. We have a nursery here called Hillside Gardens as well as one called Kiwi Gardens. Both places also do custom Landscaping and I am sure that they could either supply you with or put you in contact with someone who does deal with Sheet Moss. There is also a place called Perth Landscaping here who deals with mostly bulk gardening supplies. I do know they deal alot of sod, maybe Sheet Moss is a possibility as well. Good Luck

Subject: RE: Sheet Moss
From: Colleen
Zone: 5
Date: 04-Jul-08 11:36 AM EST

Another place you may want to check is Reid's Landscaping in Carleton Place.

Subject: RE: Sheet Moss
From: CJ
Zone: 5a
Date: 16-Jul-08 06:12 PM EST

Once you have a could have a LOT...

Grow your own. Take a small amount of existing moss, add tub of yogurt and 2 cups water...mix it up well, and "paint" it or pour it, where you want it to grow... Keep it watered...and Voila!

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