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trimming a sunburst locust

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Al21-Jun-08 07:18 PM EST

Subject: trimming a sunburst locust
From: Al
Date: 21-Jun-08 07:18 PM EST

I have a question regarding the trimming of a sunburst locust. One branch stretches out over my driveway, its starting to hang very low and now when it rains they sit on the tops of my cars. Part of this branch is dead and it is about 8 inches around at the trunk. I was wondering if it will damage the tree if I remove this branch back to the trunk? I just finished sweeping up about 2 blue boxes full of seeds from my driveway after that bad storm hit last weekend and I also have that irritating green aphid problem as well. One other problem I have is, there seems to be a fungus growing from the base of the truck, up through all the branches, should I be worried? Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks AL

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