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gnlgazw17-Jun-08 12:32 PM EST 8   
sophie20-Jul-08 03:12 PM EST 5a   

Subject: harvesting lupin seeds early
From: gnlgazw
Zone: 8
Date: 17-Jun-08 12:32 PM EST

Hello :) I read on another thread about how to actually harvest the seeds, it says I need to wait for them to go brown/black before I can remove them. My lupin plant however has two large ex-flowers now covered in the furry green seed pods and three new buds waiting to burst forth. Is there any way I can remove the pods now and still harvest the seeds? The plant is in a pot so I'm worried about the amount of room left and it seems it's all being eaten by something too (possibly ants/slugs?) so I don't want the vulnerable buds to get eaten or not get any sun because of the old flowers. Also the pods are rather less attractive than the flowers so if there's any way I can get rid of these while still preserving the seeds I'd be delighted! Any advice on this would be wonderful :o)

Subject: RE: lupin seeds
From: sophie
Zone: 5a
Date: 20-Jul-08 03:12 PM EST

You can take them off on the stem and let them dry. They may be mature enough to ripen that way. They will also need cold treatment to germinate. Fancy color hybrids will not come true to seed. I usually cut back these type of perennials to get a nice second flush of bloom and take seed from the last flowers. We have masses of wild ones here, they are so beautiful. Good luck with yours.

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