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problem maple

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Beth25-May-08 07:56 PM EST 3a   
deanna02-Jun-08 07:54 PM EST 5a   

Subject: problem maple
From: Beth
Zone: 3a
Date: 25-May-08 07:56 PM EST

I have an Autumn Blaze maple which did wonderfully the first year. Last year (year 2), it only got leaves on the bottom but them grew lots of new shoots out of the original branches wtih leaves. It grew kind of wonky. This year, there are signs of leave again on the bottom. Not sure what's happening or what I should do. Anyone with any idea of what's happening or what I should do with it?

Subject: RE: problem maple
From: deanna
Zone: 5a
Date: 02-Jun-08 07:54 PM EST

Given that your maple is only in it`s second year.. I`d snip off the buds a foot from the ground. This will encourage your tree to grow tall and have a strong trunk.It helps to process it`s energy on the the upper limbs making the leaves much larger which helps to toughen up the trunk from the winds.If you perfer to leave the buds your tree has to give it`s energy to these extra buds taking it much longer to see good results and you tree will grow spindly. Maples look much nicer with a clean strong trunk. As your tree grows remember to nip them in the bud,lol. As they get larger say 15 yr old tree you`ll find you have several feet of clean trunk and a canopy of beautiful shade. Hope this helps.

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