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lack of flowers in the irises

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Mike23-May-08 07:09 AM EST 5a   
Kath23-May-08 10:39 AM EST 3a   

Subject: lack of flowers in the irises
From: Mike
Zone: 5a
Date: 23-May-08 07:09 AM EST

We have extensive flower beds filled with irises and have had no problems with lack of flowers until this year. The leaves look very healthy but there are less than half the flowers of other years. Any thoughts as to why this is happening would be appreciated.

Subject: RE: lack of flowers in the irises
From: Kath (
Zone: 3a
Date: 23-May-08 10:39 AM EST

:) Hi there! My first thought is that your bulbs are in need of a division... also, if you have fertilized them be sure that you didn't add too much nitrogen to the soil, as this will promote great leafy growth, but the plant will sacrifice flowers for foliage... if you didn't add any nutrients to the soil, try a home soil test kit (about $5 at any garden center) and see if over the years your soil has used up too much of anything. Then again, there is always the wacky weather we have had this year... it's hard to say :) If you have any questions, feel free to email me :) I am on the buddy list... not sure of your gardening experience, but I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have ~ it can sometimes take a while for a response on here :) Good luck!

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