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japanese anemone

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Trish18-May-08 07:00 PM EST 8b   
Trish06-May-09 07:38 PM EST 8b   

Subject: japanese anemone
From: Trish
Zone: 8b
Date: 18-May-08 07:00 PM EST

Last fall I dug up a japanese anemone - got fed up with all the runners! Now, although the mother plant is gone, the runners are still there and spreading everywhere. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these? I've tried the pulling and digging and am wondering if weed killer would do the job.

Subject: RE: japanese anemone
From: Trish
Zone: 8b
Date: 06-May-09 07:38 PM EST

I posted a message last May asking for suggestions as to how to get rid of japanese anemone. I dig up what I can, but it's sprouting up through other plants

Would vinegar work, I would prefer not to use Roundup.

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