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No tulips this year?

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Kelly26-Apr-08 11:06 PM EST 5   
Kath27-Apr-08 11:02 AM EST 3a   
01-May-08 10:31 PM EST   

Subject: No tulips this year?
From: Kelly
Zone: 5
Date: 26-Apr-08 11:06 PM EST

Last spring I had the first blooms on some beautiful double bloom tulips that I planeted mid fall. This year I have been patientely waiting for some sign of life but I have only two or three (out of 40+) tulips coming up, and the blooms are colorless when they were pink last year. It does not appear that any creatures have dug up the tulip beds, so I am baffeled as to what has happened. Anyone else having similar problems?

Subject: RE: No tulips this year?
From: Kath (gardenofbubbles@yahoo.ca)
Zone: 3a
Date: 27-Apr-08 11:02 AM EST

Hi Kelly! I would suggest you dig up a few of the bulbs... it could be a variety of pests or diseases under the soil. A few years ago, I had several of my beds fail with no notice... only to find that the bulbs had been eaten my grubs and other pests. Also have a look to see if there are any molds or other diseases on the bulbs, because with the funny weather we have had, its possible that damage could have been done... of course, you may find that the plants are just set back (depending on where you are) because of the extreme conditions experienced this season... :) I hope this helped you! Good luck!

Subject: RE: No tulips this year?
Date: 01-May-08 10:31 PM EST

Thank you for the quick reply. Iwouldn't be suprised if grubs or some other insect was to blame. I mulched over those tulips after they bloomed last year and now I think I put too much mulch down...making it nice a warm for anything and everything to grow and feed on. Next time I'll just put a thin layer...we'll see if that makes the difference or not. Thanks for your input!

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