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Building a greenhouse for starting seeds

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Karl16-Apr-08 12:35 AM EST 2b   
28-Apr-08 02:54 PM EST   

Subject: Building a greenhouse for starting seeds
From: Karl
Zone: 2b
Date: 16-Apr-08 12:35 AM EST

I am wanting to build a greenhouse for starting seedlings for my spring planting. I have access to double pane glass with a slight low e coating. How will this affect my ability to grow? Would it be benificial to seperate the glass so I have single panes (providing potentially more window frount) or double pane and have less window frount but more insulation. Does anyone have experiences of what would be adiquate and what would be excessive given my zone 2b growing climate.

Subject: RE: Building a greenhouse for starting seeds
Date: 28-Apr-08 02:54 PM EST

I do not think I would attempt to separate the glass. There is a personal danger factor, breakage and a loss of insulation going that route. Living that far north any way to conserve energy costs would be paramount I would think.

On the other hand I have no idea how the e coating might play a role in growing. Try a piece over a cold frame and see the results before actually building, that might give you an idea of how the ecoating might affect your plans.

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