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italian tomato seeds

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mark06-Apr-08 11:57 AM EST 4   
Kath09-Apr-08 02:09 PM EST 3a   
Valerie11-Apr-08 05:47 PM EST 5a   
Kath12-Apr-08 01:49 AM EST 3a   
Leo12-Apr-08 08:32 AM EST   
Elaine14-Apr-08 11:16 PM EST 6a   
Julie21-Apr-08 09:20 PM EST 5b   

Subject: italian tomato seeds
From: mark (se3708@yahoo.ca)
Zone: 4
Date: 06-Apr-08 11:57 AM EST

i live in ottawa and wonder what type of tomato seed they use in italy. i went there last may and the tomatoes were out of this world

Subject: RE: italian tomato seeds
From: Kath (gardenofbubbles@yahoo.ca)
Zone: 3a
Date: 09-Apr-08 02:09 PM EST

I think that they would use many different types... your best bet is to search online garden centers in Italy, and see what varieties are offered, then take a look in catalogs and greenhouses in your area. You could also find the different types simply by flavor - if you look through catalogs, you can usually find a description of the taste of each variety offered. Romas and Early Girl are usually my favorite ~ very sweet and just enough juice to make them perfect. Also - when you find the ones you want, you should try to grow oregano and basil with them - it will enhance the flavor, and when it comes time to cook them, you will have some tasty additions to add to your dish! Hope this helps! :)

Subject: RE: italian tomato seeds
From: Valerie
Zone: 5a
Date: 11-Apr-08 05:47 PM EST

Hi Mark, I concur with Kath...explore your options online or at a local hort shop for seeds. Just today I planted some seeds that I collected from a grape tomato from the grocery. Not sure what will happen, but worth the try, and I will let you know if there is germination. The idea of companion planting such as basil is great, you can have a salad ready in no time with wonderful flavour and lots of pride and pleasure.

Happy gardening, Valerie

Subject: RE: italian tomato seeds
From: Kath (gardenofbubbles@yahoo.ca)
Zone: 3a
Date: 12-Apr-08 01:49 AM EST

Too funny! I planted some a few weeks ago right out of store bought tomatoes :) I did find that they took a lot longer to germinate (almost 2 1/2 weeks!) so don't give up hope! they seem to be really healthy and I have 4 true leaves now.. will let you know how they turn out :)

Subject: RE: italian tomato seeds
From: Leo
Date: 12-Apr-08 08:32 AM EST

Hi Mark, could you describe this tomato? Theres no need!!

Franchi Sementi seedbank

Subject: RE: italian tomato seeds
From: Elaine
Zone: 6a
Date: 14-Apr-08 11:16 PM EST

Hi Mark. I used to plant Roma (my husband loves to cook, so I grow the tomatoes and other items for him), but a couple of years ago, I switched to San Romano. Definitely a bit harder to find, but worth it. Last year I grew them from small plants I picked up in a small Italian grocery store rather than a garden centre. This year I bought the seeds at the plant show.

Subject: RE: italian tomato seeds
From: Julie
Zone: 5b
Date: 21-Apr-08 09:20 PM EST

And to add to the wonderful list above, why not try San Marzano? They're available in most hort centres, and if not local, they are certainly available through all seed catalogues. Sweeter than honey! for one of those "real" tomato flavours. Exceptional canning and freezing qualities!

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