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Fast Growing Hedges for Full Shade

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Kath25-Mar-08 01:34 PM EST 3a   

Subject: Fast Growing Hedges for Full Shade
From: Kath (
Zone: 3a
Date: 25-Mar-08 01:34 PM EST

Hi! Another question! I need a fast growing hedge (preferably evergreen) to be planted along my front property line ~ I am trying to keep passers-by (and their dogs) off my front lawn. I would like it to be as thick as possible :) And thorns are okay - my children play in a completely different part of the yard. I have 30 foot maples (3 of them) creating tons of shade in this part of my lawn, so they will get next to no sun whatsoever. I am new to zone 3 and am having trouble finding anything hardy enough to help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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