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Yucca plants

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Michelle W23-Mar-08 02:17 PM EST 6b   
Kath25-Mar-08 01:15 PM EST 3a   

Subject: Yucca plants
From: Michelle W
Zone: 6b
Date: 23-Mar-08 02:17 PM EST

We recently moved and have a front garden that is totally not to my taste including 4 yucca plants, short shrubs, a huge Cypress tree planted right beside the driveway. First question..does a Cypress transplant or would it need to be chopped down? It's about 8 feet high. The yuccas...I want them out but heard they have very deep roots...can they be transplanted or do they need to cut out?

Subject: RE: Yucca plants
From: Kath (
Zone: 3a
Date: 25-Mar-08 01:15 PM EST

I would suggest calling local landscapers and offering it to them at no cost if they pick it up - there's a good chance that they will remove it free of charge, and use it for one of their clients... If you really want to move it yourself, I would give a quick call to the horticultural department at a University or College close to you ~ they would be able to give you specifics. :) Good luck!

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