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flying bugs

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Carol01-Mar-08 05:07 PM EST 5   
Jill02-Mar-08 10:08 AM EST 5b   
Leo12-Apr-08 08:40 AM EST   

Subject: flying bugs
From: Carol
Zone: 5
Date: 01-Mar-08 05:07 PM EST

Hi, I have noticed for a while, that I have a few flying bugs inside around my house plants. They have been fruitful, and now I want to eliminate them. Is there a safe product I could use, preferable green. I guess they are some sort of gnat? They seem to like the soil, and maybe the water, I find them in the bathroom too. Can you recommend something? Thanks C. Bell

Subject: RE: flying bugs
From: Jill
Zone: 5b
Date: 02-Mar-08 10:08 AM EST

I think these are fungus gnats. Very common in house plants and greenhouses; often come in on purchased plants. You may never be able to eradicate them throughly, but keep your plant soil on the dry side. Fungus gnats are attracted to water--I have even seen them hanging around the sink! Yellow sticky strips (available in garden supply centres) can keep the numbers down. Stick a strip in the affected plant pot's soil. Application of Safer's soap solution to the soil will kill the adults but may not kill the eggs or larvae, which live in the soil. You can change the potting soil if the plant is badly infested. In short, don't despair! Bugs are always in our lives; a few fungus gnats won't hurt your plants. If you have a lot, try some of the methods suggested. I worked in commercial greenhouses and found that ventilation and slightly dry soil are the first line of defence. Good luck. Jill

Subject: RE: flying bugs
From: Leo
Date: 12-Apr-08 08:40 AM EST

Hi there, fungus gnats are part of the misquito family, the larvae are a pain. I suggest a thourough soil drenching with neem oil diluted,a few drops in some water and shake. I dont use soap anywhere near my plants.

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