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sweet peas

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Angel28-Feb-08 12:33 PM EST 3   
Jill02-Mar-08 10:11 AM EST 5b   
Kath20-Mar-08 01:03 PM EST 3a   

Subject: sweet peas
From: Angel
Zone: 3
Date: 28-Feb-08 12:33 PM EST

I'm in Edmonton Alberta and I want to start some sweet peas indoors. I've read to soak them overnite in warm water. other places say don't soak them. some say to nick the seed with nail clippers. Any advice would be appreciated.

Subject: RE: sweet peas
From: Jill
Zone: 5b
Date: 02-Mar-08 10:11 AM EST

I don't think it matters. I do soak mine on a paper towel overnight to get them started--what you want to see is the seed swell up, which means it's viable. Then plant in peat pellets or whatever. I have never had to "nick" them.

Subject: RE: sweet peas
From: Kath (
Zone: 3a
Date: 20-Mar-08 01:03 PM EST

I agree... the ones that float after soaking are no good :) I have always just soaked mine, and they grow great!

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