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Merna17-Feb-08 10:11 AM EST 4b   
Veronica18-Feb-08 07:21 PM EST 1   
Merna21-Feb-08 05:22 AM EST   

Subject: Source for Mint
From: Merna
Zone: 4b
Date: 17-Feb-08 10:11 AM EST

I was given some wonderful mint when I was living in Hamilton. The person told me it was "Greek Mint". It had reddish stems and a rounded, dense leaf. I have tried spearmint, peppermint etc and didn't really care for either. Does anyone know of a source for different varieties of mint?

Subject: RE: Source for Mint
From: Veronica
Zone: 1
Date: 18-Feb-08 07:21 PM EST

Have you tried Richters?It is online and sells I don't see any Greek mint in the catalogue.Maybe they can direct you to a source.

Subject: RE: Source for Mint
From: Merna
Date: 21-Feb-08 05:22 AM EST

Thanks Veronica Richters is a great source.

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