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Too late?

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T03-Jan-08 07:51 PM EST
sandra06-Jan-08 04:37 PM EST   

Subject: Too late?
From: T
Date: 03-Jan-08 07:51 PM EST

I live in Richmond, BC. It's the 3rd of January. Is it too late to plant tulips, daff's and other spring bulbs? Thanks, in advance, for your assistance. Cheers.

Subject: RE: Too late?
From: sandra (sandra@urbanoasisgardening.net)
Date: 06-Jan-08 04:37 PM EST

if the bulb is viable; plump,and firm, then plant it. It will only degrade, next spring will not be better. A good number of bulbs will be fine, but late, others will be stunted. Tulips for instance can bloom at ground level. It will also depend on the spring, a cold extended spring may provide just the right cold period.Go for it if you already have bulbs, or find them dirt cheap, otherwise I would wait till next season, your definately pushing it.

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