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Magnolia won't flower?

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M Ramsden23-Dec-07 10:31 PM EST 5   
Sunny26-Dec-07 03:34 PM EST 5   
Patricia 28-Dec-07 09:34 AM EST 4b   
M Ramsden02-Jan-08 02:57 PM EST   

Subject: Magnolia won't flower?
From: M Ramsden
Zone: 5
Date: 23-Dec-07 10:31 PM EST

I have a 4 yr old magnolia that leafs profusely, grows abundantly, but won't flower. Not a flower bud anywhere ... any hints or ideas. Someone advised that I need to sprinkle borax (?)around the drip line? Because it was planted as a memorial tree for my dog, (above my dog) our local horticulturist advised that maybe the dear pet was responsible for over fertizling the tree roots and that we would have to wait for the remains of our dear pet to stop composting under the tree. Your thoughts on what I can do to get this tree to flower?

Subject: RE: Magnolia won't flower?
From: Sunny
Zone: 5
Date: 26-Dec-07 03:34 PM EST

The composting pet may well be adding too much nitrogen. I'd give bonemeal a try in spring, as a top dressing, at the drip line. Evn a liquid bloom enhancing fertilizer may help. You haven't pruned the tree have you? Or, it may be getting too much nitrogen from surrounding lawn fertilization? Are you seeing buds now? If so, are they freezing at some time?

Subject: RE: Magnolia won't flower?
From: Patricia (
Zone: 4b
Date: 28-Dec-07 09:34 AM EST

Just an observation here: in spring 2007, very few magnolias in the Ottawa area bloomed, due to an April frost. Even the most sheltered and well sited had almost no bloom at all.

Subject: RE: Magnolia won't flower?
From: M Ramsden
Date: 02-Jan-08 02:57 PM EST

Thank you for your help. The only pruning that's been done on this tree is on the damaged branches, not on the bud ends of the healthy branches, so I'll try fertilizing it on the drip line and see if we have any success, as soon as the snow disappears. Happy New Year to all

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