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Guara (Cynthia) Pruning

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Mary Ellen18-Oct-07 11:45 AM EST 5   
Art Drysdale27-Oct-07 07:38 PM EST 8   

Subject: Guara (Cynthia) Pruning
From: Mary Ellen
Zone: 5
Date: 18-Oct-07 11:45 AM EST

I planted 2 of these by our pond in our Xeriscape yard. This is our first year gardening here. These plants were wonderful until recently when we had alot of rain the branch's have all fallen and broken. I cut some off but the branches continue to fall and break. Can I prune it? Next year it will have to get some support of somekind. It didn't grow very tall about 24 inches but got real bushy.

Subject: RE: Guara (Cynthia) Pruning
From: Art Drysdale
Zone: 8
Date: 27-Oct-07 07:38 PM EST

I've responded to this question in my article that will go up on the site as of Sunday, the 28th.

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