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Wintering Cala lilies

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Brydeh08-Oct-07 12:48 PM EST 8a   
Rocks10-Oct-07 09:01 AM EST 6b   

Subject: Wintering Cala lilies
From: Brydeh
Zone: 8a
Date: 08-Oct-07 12:48 PM EST

I have some beautiful Cala lilies in a container on my patio. They are dying off now for the winter. What do I do to keep them alive for next year?

Subject: RE: Wintering Cala lilies
From: Rocks
Zone: 6b
Date: 10-Oct-07 09:01 AM EST

Hi Brydeh, I found this information for Calla lilies in pots:

"Tubers can be dug when all the leaves have yellowed and dried in September. If in pots, gradually decrease watering as leaves yellow and die. Lay pot on side in a cool place, allowing it to dry fully."

I assume that they stay like that for the winter. In early spring, I would then take them out, repot, then put them in a sunny area. And be sure that when you water, to water from the bottom of the pot. Not the top, as they rot very easily if watered from the top. I plant mine in the garden each year, and what I do each fall is, I dig them up, dry the tubers (to the touch) then store in a cool place in some sawdust for the winter. Then in early spring I pot them up, and grow them under lights or in a sunny window until I can place them in the garden. I've had the same tubers for about 5 or 6 years now. Good luck with yours!

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