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Need Advice on Mandeville plant

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tricia04-Oct-07 12:48 PM EST 6   
Rocks06-Oct-07 09:06 AM EST 6b   
Dyanna09-Mar-08 09:34 PM EST 5   
Carol15-Jun-08 06:48 PM EST 9   
Kim25-Sep-08 04:16 PM EST 4b   
Diane15-May-10 09:04 AM EST 5a   
rosey26-May-10 10:35 PM EST 8a   

Subject: Need Advice on Mandeville plant
From: tricia
Zone: 6
Date: 04-Oct-07 12:48 PM EST

Am in Ky. Have a beautiful Mandeville plant which I would like to overwinter indoors...any suggestions. No basement. Also wondering if this plant is susceptible to rust at this time of year or is it just starting to loose leaves and go dormant.

Subject: RE: Need Advice on Mandeville plant
From: Rocks
Zone: 6b
Date: 06-Oct-07 09:06 AM EST

Hi, I asked Art Drysdale this very same question during one of the Sunday online chats last year about my Mandevilla plant. This is what he suggested:

"I would bring in your Mandivilla now after spraying the entire plant and soil surface with something like Doktor Doom House & Garden Insecticide. Then put it in the brightest (and coolest) place in the house. I would keep it growing for as long as possible. Then you can move it to a basement or similar room where it is cool (but above freezing) and there is at least a little light for 12 - 14 hours per day. A fluorescent fixture, two 48" tubes (ordinary ones, warm or cool white) would do. Then come mid to end of February bring it back into a warmer room. When you put it in the cooler room, you could cut it back at least one third. No fertilizer while it is cool, but some Liquid Growth once it comes back into a warmer room."

I can attest that it works and am going to do the same with my two Mandevillas this year. As for knowing if they're prone to rust, I don't know...they do drop leaves when brought indoors but not to worry. You could stop by the online chat here on Sunday afternoons at 1p.m. EST and ask Art this question. Good luck!

Subject: RE: Need Advice on Mandeville plant
From: Dyanna
Zone: 5
Date: 09-Mar-08 09:34 PM EST

I brought my plant in from outdoors and put it in basement, it drops its leave and i thought it was dying, i brougth it to a sunny location and it started to grow, just within the past week the leaves started turning yellow and dropping, even the vines are turning brown. I have not done any thing different to it. what is going on with this plant?

Subject: RE: Need Advice on Mandeville plant
From: Carol
Zone: 9
Date: 15-Jun-08 06:48 PM EST

My husband and I are "gardening newbies." We live in Southern California (north of Los Angeles) and just bought 2 Mandeville plants. We intend to plant them outdoors along a sunny fency area. Summer temps can get up into the 90's occasionally, and down as low as 40 in the winter. With proper watering, are we doomed to fail? Should we cover them in the winter?

Subject: RE: Need Advice on Mandeville plant
From: Kim
Zone: 4b
Date: 25-Sep-08 04:16 PM EST

Will I be able to winter my mandeville and geraniums in my zone

Subject: RE: Need Advice on Mandeville plant
From: Diane
Zone: 5a
Date: 15-May-10 09:04 AM EST

I received a lovely Sun Parasol Giant Pink Mandevilla for Mother's Day! I would like to plant it outside for the summer. I'm aware that I need to bring it in for the winter, as I live in Southern Ontario. My question is: Do I need to keep it in a pot outside, or can I plant it and re-pot it for the winter?

Subject: RE: Need Advice on Mandeville plant
From: rosey
Zone: 8a
Date: 26-May-10 10:35 PM EST

I have friends, as well as myself, that house these vines in a greenhouse for the colder mos. 'Try, asI have found keeping them pot-bound makes a difference in the flowering! Also in the spring, I give two doses of watersoluable liquid Kelp to the plant. this is a kick in the ??? and you'd be surprised. Always remember to wet the soil prior to any fertilizing...lay off the N., as your vine will just send out more foliage..good luck

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