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Wisteria pruning (for blooms)

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pinkdog01-Oct-07 06:48 AM EST 5   
Theresa01-Oct-07 10:46 PM EST 6b   
Michelle07-Oct-07 01:56 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Wisteria pruning (for blooms)
From: pinkdog
Zone: 5
Date: 01-Oct-07 06:48 AM EST


I live a half hour north of Halifax, NS.I have a ten year old wisteria that won't bloom. It is HUGELY vigorous and I have to keep hacking it back so that it won't reach out and grab at people on our deck! I'd love some blooms ... and have tried root pruning, pruning back etc. Is there a time of year I should be pruning this vine and is there a method (because clearly, something is wrong). This wisteria gets full morning sun ... and actually, sun for part of the afternoon. It is not shaded by trees. It is healthy, healthy, healthy and beautiful (except for no blooms). I have been VERY patient with it, I think!

Subject: RE: Wisteria pruning (for blooms)
From: Theresa
Zone: 6b
Date: 01-Oct-07 10:46 PM EST

I was doing the same thing with the same result. I finally had a landscaper look at it. In the spring prune hard down to several main leads and train them up. Cut of any extra shoots. Root prune severely. He says this should work. Here's hoping.

Subject: RE: Wisteria pruning (for blooms)
From: Michelle
Zone: 5a
Date: 07-Oct-07 01:56 PM EST

One thing to think of is they say you should always buy a vine that has blooms on it.. if you dont there are apparently some that just wont bloom!!

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