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something is digging up my newly planted lili

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Peps30-Sep-07 09:59 AM EST 5   

Subject: something is digging up my newly planted lili
From: Peps
Zone: 5
Date: 30-Sep-07 09:59 AM EST

I recently planted approx 20 stella d'or lilies and also some lily bulbs and something is digging them up. I used bone/blood meal mixed with the soil and I think this is the problem. I used this in the spring when planting without any problem. I bought something which was supposed to be a repellent for skunk and racoon a couple of days ago, yesterday it was untouched, but this morning it is dug up again. The product is organic and has pepper in it. Aside from trying to replace the soil what can I do? Peps

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